Beer addendum

As an addendum to last week’s New Year’s beer post, here is an advertisement for Black Horse Beer from the back cover of the first issue of Recte Volare, the magazine of Royal Air Force No. 31 Air Navigation School at Port Albert. The magazine includes news stories, editorials, comics, and local advertising. Recte Volare was started in […]

Happy New Year (Beer)!

My favorite group of photos from the Henderson air training collection are the ones taken during the 1944 New Year’s Day meal at No. 12 Elementary Flying Training School, Sky Harbour, Goderich. Compared to all the individual head shots and formal class photos, these are refreshingly candid. For the most part, the airmen pictured in […]

Men With Pipes

For this project, we have scanned 868 images. About 9%, or 77 photographs, are portraits of individual airmen. Of those, only two of the men chose to pose with a pipe. While I don’t condone smoking, I do think posing with a pipe is an excellent choice when having your picture taken professionally. See for yourself: […]

Digitizing Huron County History

Welcome to the blog of the Huron County Museum & Historic Gaol. As we start blogging, you’ll notice we primarily talk about one thing: the Henderson Digitization Project. That’s where our digital focus is these days. In a nutshell, the Henderson Digitization Project will put more than 850 images from WWII air training bases in […]