Huron County Art Bank

 The Huron County Art Bank collection features contemporary works depicting Huron County produced by local artists.


Originally established in 2000, with a generous bequest from the Estate of Susannah Lattimer, the collection is held in trust by the Huron County Museum for the benefit and education of the entire community.  Susannah Lattimer was a descendant of the Craig Family of Morris Township.  Although she did not spend all her life as a resident of Huron County, she wished to remember her “Huron Roots.”  One of the initiatives from her bequest to the Corporation of the County of Huron was to establish the Huron County Art Bank.   The County of Huron has continued to support this art bank.

The Huron County Art Bank contains outstanding examples of works by Huron County artists in a wide variety of styles and themes. Acquisitions for this significant collection are selected from submissions to a semi annual art exhibition and sale organized through the Huron County Museum.

Every other year, a different artist from outside Huron County, selects 2 artworks from those submitted to the Huron County Fine Art Show. These works are purchased by the County and become part of the Huron County Art Bank. This acquisition program provides an opportunity for Huron County artists to showcase their talent at the Museum.  Many artists offer their work for sale during the exhibit.

Works from the collection are in active use. They are presented in exhibitions and are on display in various Huron County buildings.

The strength of this collection lies in its modern and contemporary works that often engage the landscape of this region in order to portray the artist’s visions of Huron County.