2024 STEAM Summer Camps

It’s full STEAM ahead at the Huron County Museum’s 2024 Summer Camps!

Campers will enjoy hands-on science, technology, engineering, arts and math activities with an interactive focus on our local stories and heritage. STEAM  Camps are for kids ages 5-10 and feature three different themed weeks throughout the summer (see full program descriptions below):

  • wait list will be contacted in event of spots becoming available

If you require an invoice for tax purposes, you can contact museum@huroncounty.ca anytime after camps are completed.

Globe Trotters


Pack your bags, grab your passport, and prepare yourself for a trip around the globe (and through time). Spend every day discovering the marvels of each corner of the world. There is so much to explore, see, and do, even back home! Find out why people in the past have moved to Huron County. Discover what makes Huron County known around the world: from our famous faces, to the special things found here. Buckle up for an adventure of global proportions!

Going Undercover


Museums are full of discovery, and mystery. Go behind-the-scenes at the Huron County Museum and discover the most amazing artifacts and spectacular specimens. Explore some of history’s most mysterious events. Will these puzzles remain unanswered, or will we uncover the truth? You will create a mini-exhibit, design a disguise, invent a machine, and solve a mystery. Aspire to become a future curator as we investigate the marvels this museum holds!

Spy Games


Ready to play? The museum is about to become one giant game board! Get hands-on with games and toys from the past! Design puzzles and games and become a toy inventor using upcycled materials. Gather evidence to solve a mystery at the Huron Historic Gaol, send a secret message in code, and become one of Huron County’s youngest investigative reporters!

Science Safari


Go wild as you investigate the wonders of science and our natural environment! From amazing animals, to the gravity-defying fancies of flight, the interesting properties of water, and crazy chemistry. Hands on fun happens nonstop as we try experiments, make models, create art, and go on a safari around the Museum! Then, become a climate protector and find out what we can do to protect our planet and ecosystems. Get ready for a wild ride!