Before the “Huron County Pioneer Museum” opened in 1951, J.H. Neill, the Museum’s Founder and first Curator, made plans for a travelling museum.  He designed these custom trailers to cart his collection around to local fairs and festivals.  Unfortunately the trailers were deemed unsafe for road use and were never used.  As a result, Mr. Neill required a permanent location for his collection which he found in the recently closed, Goderich Central School – the current home of the Huron County Museum.

Outreach Programs

The Huron County Museum and Historic Gaol present to groups across the County and beyond!

Our staff attend fairs, special events, seniors’ groups, and schools.  We are happy to tailor events and activities to suit the unique needs of your audience.   Guest Speakers, Curator Talks, Outreach Programs, Pop-up Exhibits, and Interactive Activities are all available.

Curator Talks:

Invite Museum staff to speak with your group across Huron County.   A variety of presentations are available.  Topics may focus on Museum or Gaol, exhibits, artifact collection, archival collection, current research,  or how to subjects.

Talks from our Senior Curator, Elizabeth French-Gibson

  • Behind the Bars: The Huron Historic Gaol
  • The Huron County Museum: Always Changing, Always Inspiring
  • Farmtastic: Huron County’s Agriculture Story in Image & Story

Talks from our Curator of Engagement & Dialogue, Sinead Cox

  • Our Oldest Inmates: Senior Prisoners in the Huron Gaol
  • Jailbreak!: Strange and Thrilling Escapes from the Huron Gaol
  • Death Sentence: What life & death were like for the inmates and staff at the Huron Gaol
  • Hot off the Press: Behind the headlines for the scoop on Huron’s weekly newspapers
  • Stories of Immigration & Migration: Family Migration Stories to Huron County
  • Old News is Good News: How to search in Huron’s digitized newspapers 
  • Huron’s Untold HIstories:Searching for Grey Township’s Black Pioneers

Talks from our Registrar, Patti Lamb

  • Documenting Your Family Treasures
  • Cataloguing Your Collection

Pop Up Exhibits and Interactive Activities:

Bring Museum artifacts and activities to your next event.   The Museum offers static displays or hands-on activities.   Outreach exhibits range from 15 to 75 square feet.