Can You Escape the Huron County Gaol?

Our new interactive and educational escape room “Escape The Huron County Gaol” will let you explore the gaol even when the site isn’t open. 

Navigate your way through the Huron HIstoric Gaol using the Google 360 walkthrough on the Huron County Museum Website and learn historical facts about this fascinating national heritage site as you attempt to escape its iconic walls. 

This activity is recommended for ages 7+ and younger children may require adult assistance to read the clues and navigate the 360 tour.

This interactive uses the Google 360 walkthrough of the Huron County Historic Gaol. Open the escape room form, and then open the Google 360 on another tab or device. To find the Google 360 walkthrough of the Gaol, scroll to the bottom of the linked page. 

If you would like to book a virtual program with staff guiding the escape room and providing extra information  and interpretation for your classroom or group, email 


Image of cupola/tower inside gaol courtroom.