By Emily Beliveau, Digital Project Assistant

Our temporary exhibit Noteworthy: Musical Instruments closes Sunday, 14 September 2014. Last week, Assistant Curator Elizabeth French-Gibson recounted the memories of her childhood music lessons as she described the many beautiful instruments that are on display from the Museum’s collection. Accompanying those instruments are photographs from our Archival collection showing the people who made and played instruments in Huron County’s history. Here are a few of the images on display in the Temporary Gallery until the end of the week:

group pose with instruments

Goderich Citizen Band, 1927, Object ID: 1950.1761.001. Winners of 3rd Prize in Class C1, Bank contest at the Canadian National Exhibition, Toronto.  Back Row (left to right) – Sidney Palmer, W. Johnson, Clyde Carter, Frank McIllwain.  Centre Row – Reg Newcombe, A. Rollinson, H. L. Watson, H. Fowler, H. E. Jenner, H. Witmer, T. Walters, F. McArthur, Robert Henry.  Front Row – J. Huckins, Givin Young, G. Inglis, George Jenner, George James, C. A.R. Wilkinson, C. Tweedie, E. Jenner, Charles Rance, Harvey McGee, Walter Newcombe, Harold Newcombe.


Detail from image “90 Pianos A Week”, Doherty Organ Factory Employees, Clinton, Ontario. Object ID: A990.0013.002. Note the ghostly figure in the flag, the result of movement during a long exposure.


Piano Recital Group, 1949, Object ID: A999.0007.014. Left to right: Evelyn Breckow, Irene Milne, Mollie Bissett, Eunice Milne, Mary Pridham, May Henry, Joan Scott, Marilyn Butler, Rose Marie Hartman, Cathee Butt, Gloria Palmer, Helen Willis, ___________, Marietta Stingal, Mary Anne Erksine, Barbara Henry.


Jubilee Brass Band, 1897, Zurich, Object ID: A990.0013.002. Back Row (left to right) – W. G. Hess, J. Schuettler, F. W. Hess, M. Wurm, A. Moritz, G. Stenback, EO. Zeller. Front Row – AIF. Faust, Dan Bennett, L. Weber, P. Sipple.