By Emily Beliveau, Digital Projects Assistant

framed, open like a book

Hinged slate chalkboard, Huron County Museum , Object ID 2008.0020.002.


Today we feature a blank slate as we open up the blog to all kinds of content from the Huron County Museum and related sites. When we started the blog back in December 2013, it was mostly a vehicle to talk about the Henderson Digitization Project, which has now been successfully launched. While there are still more stories to share about Henderson and WWII air training in Huron County, we will now predominantly feature tidbits from all corners of the Museum, the Archives, the Gaol, the Marine Museum, and Sky Harbour Gallery.

The slate is doubly appropriate because the Museum itself is partially housed in the former Central School building, seen in this 1936 postcard view:


Central School, North Street, Goderich. Postmarked 16 July 1936. Object ID N000.3103.001.