The Huron County Museum Gift Shop is growing its selection of products made by area artists and makers and we are pleased to feature the work of artist Beth Gould. Beth’s cards and postcards feature illustrations of local scenes, including both the Museum and the Huron Historic Gaol. Holiday cards have also been recently added to the shop just in time for the season! If you would like to pick up some of Beth’s work, the Gift Shop is open during regular Museum hours and does not require admission to come in to shop and to support local! Learn more about Beth and her work below!

Work-in-progress illustration of the Huron Historic Gaol

Work-in-progress illustration of the Huron Historic Gaol

Who are you and what do you make?

Professionally, I’m an artist who primarily works with watercolour, pen and ink. I grew up in Goderich near the water and as you can see from many of my works I continue to be influenced by this.

How did you start making art?

I think we’re all born artists so it’s not so much when I started but just that I never stopped. I’ve always loved making cards for my friends and family and one of my closest friends really pushed me to make it a business and I’m so thankful she did.

How would you describe your work?

On the most basic level I work with watercolour then use pen and ink to add more detail and definition to the piece. More specifically I’m attempting in a small way to record the history that surrounds us now and by turning these places into an illustrated version of real life.

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by the past, by historical photographs, vintage postcards and maps. I try to recreate that feeling of nostalgia, of the unreachable past we all wish we could step into; whether I’m successful is up to the viewer. In my more detailed works I try to capture every building as accurately as I can because to someone that is their business or home or where they work, to someone it might mean quite a lot.

Huron County Museum & Historic Gaol postcards

Beth created custom illustrations of the Museum and Gaol that are available for purchase on cards and postcards.

What do you like most about being an artist?

I think I’m incredibly privileged to do this. I love being able to completely escape into a brushstroke and that feeling that somehow time moves differently. In some ways I get to be a child forever. I’m lucky that something I enjoy doing might make someone else happy.

If somebody likes your work and wants to see more where can they go (besides the Museum Gift Shop, of course!)?

I have some prints available on Etsy, and I’m in the midst of creating a website. I do custom illustrations and paintings as well.

Beth Gould cards

Visit the Museum Gift Shop to see the full collection of cards and postcards created by Beth Gould.